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Physical Education for Homeschool Co-ops and Private Schools
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How to Use this Book

If you want physical education but have poor facilities, limited equipment and no physical education professionals, then this book is for you!

The purpose of this book is to help home school co-ops and private schools develop and execute an effective physical education program within the limits of facility and equipment. Most of the activities in this book can be done without a gym. A gym is best for physical education but when one is unavailable, creative substitutes need to be found such as, the use of the outdoors, parking lots, hallways, class rooms, and a lunch room. The teaching tips and lesson plans are written in a way that a parent or elementary teacher can understand. This book should enable them to teach physical education with confidence, even though they have no background in physical education .

The lesson plans require a minimal time of preparation. Each plan lists the purpose, equipment needed, activities and the recommended time allotted for each activity. There are lesson plans and activities for all ages K-12. The games section is well indexed so you can quickly find a game activity that is suitable for the age and facility.

Page 39 | Page 51 | Page 55 | Table of Contents
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